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February 13, 2018


Christopher Huggins

As usual, an insightful, fun tale of someone you meet during the ever charming PT adventure. Thanks!

Ann Baker

I liked this article very much !!!! Now how can you help her ??? Would this work ?? you contact several of the daily or weekly news papers, via a letter to the editor, whoever< and you say with much amazement and happy surprise, I’m from Boston and “ I just discovered this amazing food truck…Triple X Cajun Dog. I’m from Boston , I was blown away. Then do your magic with your words about how great the food is, the idea is , that we have have food trucks in Boston and they are nothing like this, and how great the price is etc etc. She might be able to get some good PR, maybe even able to get the local TV station to cover this minuscule wonder place.

I may be crazy, and the feeling I have that you should do this is way tooooo strong to be just a good idea in passing, so As your 10th grade writing teacher I’m assigning you this task…….Get her Great PR using your powerful words…….

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

I just started doing my homework!
Emailed a Lafayette newspaper feature writer and host of terrific KLRZ radio program, "The Zydeco Stomp."Next will connect with a Lafayette TV reporter. I met them both while writing story about Rodney Bernard's Past to Present Throwdown last November.
Stay tuned:)Thanks!



Get this to the food network, STAT!

Deb Waldman

Another outstanding gem of a story! Keep ‘em coming PT!

Doug and Kathleen McLeod

Thank you Paul for writing about this. We often dance Saturday night at La Poussiere and when we are done we are HUNGRY! New business plan for Tonya: Catch the dance crowd...maybe 7:00pm to 11:00+ Saturday, also Sunday afternoon 2:00 to 600pm?

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