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September 18, 2018


Myke Farricker

Best prose you're ever written!

"For ninety minutes I am a tuning fork, resonating deeply with thoughts and feelings that flow like currents in the subsurface of the aquifer of my psyche. " (My favorite sentence that you've ever written!)

"Love lost and found, hits and misses in life, sadness for what hasn’t worked out, Baez has concocted an alchemy of gratitude and acceptance for the vicissitudes of the life she’s lived."

"A strange stew of triumph and elegy begin roiling around inside my guts and this woman is making them feel like the perfect elixir paving the way for me to consider my own fare-thee-well from this good earth."

R Solis

I have only been present to witness such a moment once in ‘13 second row, Feed and Seed. I was left with a full open heart and speechless to express what I had just been immersed in but you my friend, you have given voice to the experience. Merci!

Susan M. Bennett

Wonderful PT! Superbly written. Wish I’d been there!

Susan Sullivan

Wonderful Paul. Always adored her from forever

Marie Danziger

I was there that night too. For me the drama that was going on in your soul was even more moving than what I experienced on the stage on Saturday.

Ann Baker

Fantastic article ! I remember seeing and hearing her when I was at Emerson . I saw a couple of really good Folk singers in those days. Thanks for bringing back those memories.

Jill Bresky

Great review, Paul!

Bambi Good

most beautiful thing you've written yet (that I've read), so I can only hope that you are well-practiced in writing love letters of which this is one of the finest examples... will be passing this along to some friends!

KB Jones


I thought the piece you did on the Elvis documentary was fantastic but this one goes to a whole new level. It is more personal, more emotional - perhaps from being there and feeling the whole range of emotion in her singing and stories.Maybe from experiencing the lifetime of her work. It evokes the feeling of being there as you so often do but in a way that I haven't read before in your posts. I thought about highlighting one or two sentences but I ended up thinking that I needed to highlight every bit of what you wrote. What a wonderful tribute to Joan Baez! I will quote you though, the sledgehammer wrapped in velvet. WOW!

Mary Seppi

Great article, Paul!


Wow, great depiction. And it did take me back to those days!!

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