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November 11, 2018


Gerard McMahon

Very nice! He sings a nice version of Bo Jangles

KB Jones

As you usually do you have given me access to something I couldn't go to and to use your words "have barely heard of". This is wonderful.

David Connor

Splendid review, Paul.
Thanks for this.

Rebecca Wilson

This is one of your best, pt. Wish I'd been there.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka PT At Large

Thank you, Rebecca,
My friend Myke invited me to join him for the show. Bromberg is such a talent. I have no idea why he wasn't on my radar screen before tonight. Loudon Wainwright III appeared as the opening act, also worthy of a story.

In a 22 year period he stepped back from performing (1980-2002) Bromberg began a violin shop in Delaware and took singing lessons. His appetite for learning the range of American music never abated. The singing puts him over the top. I was amazed at the range of the set list and his ability to project and command the stage with such ease.

The members of his band have been at it for a while with him; if you play with David Bromberg, it’s an automatic that you excel at your instrument. Each of them killed every solo they played. It was fun to watch the bandmates and the boss get a kick out of their imaginative solos. Even those guys improvise. Absolutely no one was mailing in their performance. This was something like the musical equivalent of speaking in tongues but everyone understood everyone else!

In short, yes, you woulda loved it!

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