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January 24, 2019


Gary Newman

Thanks for the kind words Paul. It"s always nice to see you! Safe travels my friend.

Mark M

You prose is absolutely masterful. It brings back wonderfully colorful memories of that night. WOW - can you "turn a phrase" !

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka PT from Boston

Thank you, Mark, I appreciate your feedback, especially since you were there. I spent a few days trying to get it right, it’s a bit long but couldn’t manage to cut it down. Boy oh boy what a night.
You took a bunch of fine photos that captured the event and the feeling of the musicians on stage, quite wonderful.

Myke Farricker

Great writing, Paul!

Joel Savoy

Wonderful Paul, thanks!

Reeb Willms

Hi Paul!
Thanks so much for writing and sharing this wonderful article! I think your descriptions of the evening so perfectly captured the way it felt! We had the best time and I think we are all so proud!

One little correction: when you wrote about the album released a year earlier, I sang on the album along with Kelli, Joel, and Caleb, not just brought in for the live show as you said in the article. It would be great if you could correct this for us!

Thanks again for such a great article!
Reeb Willms

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka PT from Boston

Hey Reeb,
I have no idea how I missed your name on that CD. Like hitting the right notes is important to you, getting the facts right is important to me, i just made the correction.

The energy from the group's singing and obvious camaraderie was clear to every one of us in the audience, a tribute to Jimmy C and all of you who carry his legacy into the future. You all have much to be proud of.

Thanks a ton for your comment and correction (a big goof on my part:)

Jesse Lege

Thank You,Paul for such a great write up.
For as many times in 50 years as I’ve been on stage....I was so humbled to share the stage with the likes of everyone, most of them dozens & dozens of times & add on Marty Stuart & Doug Kershaw....?
But I think being a part of this cast AND holding our very own Jimmy C.Newman to the light those two nights...!!!!
It’ll take a lot of doing to top that on my list of great musical achievments.
Thank You Gary Newman Joel savoy & ALL You Amazing musicians for allowing me to share it with you.

Caleb Klauder

Paul, Thank you or sharing this and for writing this. What a great memory for all of us. I really appreciate your thoughts on the show and some of the things you said about our performance. It was simultaneously challenging and simple for me, but I was very proud of the whole group for how we managed to put that show, and the album together. I guess we all have the same musical language, so to speak. It is so comforting to find that in your peers.

Thank you again.


Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka PT from Boston

I was so moved by the tribute that I needed to write about it. If a person had only one bone of musicality in his/her body it would have been vibrating like one of the strings on your mandolin that night. You all played with inspiration and a sense of carrying on the torch. As I wrote, I learned about Jimmy C’s career path from his beginnings in Louisiana to Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry all the way to one of his last performances with some of you. I so enjoyed watching you all have that great musical conversation and the pride, sense of accomplishment, and comfort with each other as you played from beginning to end. That was one special evening. Trust me, all of us in the audience were having as much fun as all of you on stage.

My Baton Rouge born friend Rebecca took me on a tour of Louisiana in 2008. I joke with her that “I haven’t been the same man since…” I was smitten. Still am. And have been visiting and writing about it since. The rambunctious “Farewell, Alligator Man” tribute is one more reason I’ll keep coming down there for a music, dance, food and friends fix for as many days as I have.

Thank you for your comment, much appreciated

susan M. Bennett

Fabulous article PT!

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka PT from Boston

Jesse, sitting in the audience, I knew there was something special bordering on magical that was happening on stage. You were right in the middle of it, describe it so well, and put it in a personal perspective that is as awesome to read as it was to experience. Given your 50 years of experience, that is one heck of a compliment to all the musicians you played with. I’m sure some of them will pass it on right from this post. Thank you for this very special note.


It was a beautifully written piece.
Thanks for the mention in your comments. {;

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