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January 16, 2019


M. M.

You are truly an amazing writer !!
Every moment from our lunch today was captured with your insight and wit !
Our love of acadian cuisine endures !

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka PT from Boston

Sent to Jesse Guidry, VP of Communications at Lafayette Travel, who writes about Platelunch Experiences

Hi Jesse,
Friends of mine took me here today, I visit often from Boston, often write about the wonderful people, places, music, food, culture here.
I’ll bet this is on your radar but just in case. I love it down here.

Restaurant Listing and Contact information
(*Please fill in the areas below.) - thanks

Restaurant Name: Tim’s Restaurant
Restaurant Address: 1000 Albertsons Parkway, Broussard
Phone Number: (337) 330-2151
Hours of Operation:10:30 A - 2:30 P
Website URL: none


Jesse Guidry

Thanks Paul!

Haven’t been there but will have to check out.
Will add the stop on the page.

Hope you come back soon!

Crystal Davis

Paul, it was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for taking time to learn our History behind our restaurant. Mr. Tim's passion is cooking and he's happy to share his culinary background with the locals of Broussard and surrounding areas. Since you've come in we have now opened our doors another day. Mr. Tim decided to bring back Ruby's famous BBQ Sunday's. So we are now proudly serving BBQ on Sunday's from 10:30-2. We would love to meet Jesse Guidry and have her give our establishment a try. I'm sure she will love the food and environment just as much as we do. Mr. Paul thank you again and hope to see you back when you in Louisiana again.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka PT from Boston

Hi Jesse,
Late breaking news. Just got a comment from Crystal Davis on the story I sent you on January 16. She says Tim decided to bring back Ruby’s famous BBQ on Sundays, check the link for her comment.

Jesse Guidry

Sounds delicious! And yes, most of the plate lunch houses do some sort of BBQ usually on Sunday so we’re all good there.

Thanks for staying in touch and hope to have you back soon!

Mark M

Very nice!
Beverly and I had their BBQ on Sunday. It was good. BK had the chicken and I had the brisket.

Rubia Solis

It’s quite common for M-F plate lunch places to do Sunday BBQ. I ate at Ruby’s a number of years ago but never tried their BBQ.

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