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April 08, 2019


Keith Cardwell


Keith Cardwell

GREGORIO IS LOOKING AT THE CIGAR TO CHECK HOW LONG HE HAS GOT TO SPEAK BEFORE PULLING ONCE MORE ... If the ash goes too white it will go out and a cuban was never meant to be relit.

Carol Williamson

Thanks, Paul, for the update on Finca Vigia. Our visit to Hemingway’s home was one of the highlights of a very special Road Scholar adventure, and your message brought back lots of wonderful memories.

Carol (and Mike) Williamson

Mary Moore

Thank you so much for this email. Brings back many fond memories of this trip.

Jay Grant

Thanks for keeping in touch…Jay

Keith Cardwell

I adored the old man and thought it a priviledge to sit with him for 2 hours ..... HE SMOKED A ROBANA CIGGY

Eva Benz

what a nice surprise, it brings back very good memories ready to go again. Just came back from Tanzania and Kenya if anybody would like to go, go it is unbelievable.
Thank You

Pat Whitfield

Lovely to hear from a fellow traveler from our lovely trip to Cuba. Can you believe it' s been 3 1/2/ years? Thank you so much.

Bobbie Asano

Hello Paul!
I was just thinking that we hadn’t heard from you in a while and wondered how you’re doing, then your email arrived! I didn’t have a chance to read all the articles yet but will try to get to it this weekend.
The restoration work sounds like a labor of love but I don’t remember it being mentioned while we were at Finca Vigia. What a beautiful, peaceful house. No wonder Hemingway spent so much time here.
Looking back at my pictures, I found this one of you in Cojimar. Can’t wait to get your post.

Megan Bates

Hi PT!
Well, I learned more about Finca from your write up than I did while I was there!


KB Jones

Exceptional! Maybe I can finally get to Cuba by volunteering at this museum. In any case, you took me there through this story. It reminded me in a small way of my first visit to the Gropius House years ago, seeing the desk of the great man. Your story though describes the essence of Hemingway through one of his houses.You paint the picture for me with your words.

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