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April 24, 2020


Susan M Bennett

Fun! I am listening now and will definitely tune in to this station for some energy when needed. Thanks for sharing it! Jive on PT, Susan B

Paul A Tamburello Jr aka pt at large

I started today with Governor Cuomo's briefing then Herbie Hancock and now Jon Cleary. Oh boy! Required listening for the next three days!
Thanks, Jiving on with you…

Ann Baker

Thank the heavens for RADIO…...

Paul A Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large


Bill Ives

Yes we and the rest of the city have been enjoying it, mostly live stream from my computer, as we are in the car much less these days.

Rubia Solis

Brilliant as always. You perfectly capture the mood and flavor. I have a perfect visual of your kitchen dance! Be sure to email Dave Ankers this story. Thank you for sharing your exuberance. * paragraph 6 should be 2006. Love ya, Rubia

Paul A. Tamburello Jr aka pt at large

Geez THANKS just corrected it!! And did send copy to
Dave Ankers.
PT rockin' in the kitchen!

Beth Arroyo Utterbach, General Manager

I absolutely love your article about WWOZ. So beautifully written and so thoughtful. Thank you so much for supporting us. Happy Jazz Fest to you!

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

Good afternoon, Beth,
It’s cloudy and cold up here but the sun is shining through the airwaves in every speaker I can open in my house,started out with Herbie Hancock, now Jon Cleary loading up with inspired rollicking “Tipitina”…oh my.

I’m in a Jazz Fest groove, virtual, toe tappin’ hip shakin’ spirit rechargin’ and three more days on the horizon. As my friend from Dallas would say “I’m havin’ a glory fit!”.

Bambi Good

I can hear your dancin' in your writin'... You've given us many gifts over the years, but in advance I'm going out on an oaken limb in my back woods - but not one on a cypress in a swamp - to say this is the biggest, baddest ever. I have been to New Orleans only once and it sadly wasn't for the Jazz and Heritage Festival. If I have to get a hip replacement after, I hope I won't regret it for I'll take off my dancin' shoes and shake... (I dance barefoot on my daughter's rug which actually helps preserve the hips and knees I hope).
Now to share... and then sit with a dharma teacher for a bit before I start my day... The day can't get any better than this!
always with deep appreciation, Bambi who loves Professor Longhair already!

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr

Bambi, thanks so much for this. I hear you about replacement parts, a knee for me in the not too distant future.
This very moment,I’m listening to Marcia Ball 2007 singing the Randy Newman song that she’s made her own, 'Louisiana 1927’. If there was ever a song to put to loss, dislocation, and an unspoken sense of of resilience of Louisianans,this is it. “They may be trying to wash us away,” but you know they will get up and survive. Then she kicks out the jambs with a sassy “I Want To Play with Your Poodle”. Whatever sense of loss that "Louisiana 1927" brought up in my mind was sent packing by this mighty charged rock 'n rollin’ hip shaker that her band takes to the stratosphere. I can just picture Long Tall Marcia Ball sitting cross-legged, with one leg wagging out the rhythm, her hands pounding the daylights out of the keys on her electric piano. Damn, I am in orbit!

Chantelle Trahan

Wonderful writing! I felt the excitement of heading to the New Orleans Jazz Fest as I read it! What a line-up! What an event!

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

Thank you, Chantelle,
Lots of Cajun bands play at the Fais Do Do Stage at Jazz Fest. Horace and The Ossun Express may have played there themselves.
I’ve been listening to the virtual fest all day. Grooving in place is more fun than sheltering in place:)

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

As WWOZ General Manager Beth Arroyo Utterback says, “If you can’t live in New Orleans, let New Orleans live in you.” The S.S. New Orleans has tossed a virtual life ring to all of us bobbing in an ocean of uncertainty. We climbed aboard, for the two weeks of Jazz Festing in Place, honorary members of the urban crucible of American music.

For the past two weekends in pandemic isolation, Jazz Festing in place is to me a gift of communion, rice and beans replace bread and wine. From the choir loft I’m hearing pande-music soaring over us in our pews in living rooms, kitchens and porches across the land.
A host of high rollin’ and slow groovin’ hierarchy from virtual stages on the Fairgrounds is dispensing the sacrament of music, compressed into band width wafers, to absolve the faithful. Healing. Uplifting. Vivifying.

Chantelle Trahan

Horace has played the Fais Do Do Stage at Jazz Fest in the past, with the most recent time being in 2013. I was there, and unfortunately, his set was rained out. The festival kept the gates closed until the rain stopped later on. We did get to hang out with everyone scheduled to play, including the Dopsie Brothers (the sons of Rockin’ Dopsie, Sr.). It was pretty cool!

I am with you.....grooving in place wins!😊

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