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May 08, 2020




your images are stunning, unimaginable relics of what we don't see or didn't see when we are all living our "normal" lives. These are precious reminders of who we are in the dark.

Wonderful, thank you!


Jeffrey Piccoli

I may have one even better involving sheer winter beauty even though at the time I wasn't too infatuated with the beauty part. Remember back in the last two weeks of December 2007 when I stay at your home and had to commute to Wellesley which involved a walk, bus, Greenline, and shuttle; an adventure extraordinaire all because I sold my Hummer. Usually left your house about 5:30 AM for a walk to Watertown center to catch the bus. That December was very cold and snowy. Walking down the Oliver St hill and making the turn onto Church St toward town center, the air was crisp, dark, quiet, and street light lit with not a sound or person about. Sometimes it would be snowing which made for a beautiful winter scene in the city. Then all gone as I flew to Florida on the 26th to take possession of Skate.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Yes, I think you get the same feelings walking in the hour around dawn and in the middle of the night. The silence and nothing, nobody stirring somehow creates a sense of peace. Now it's nearly ominous when I think about the reasons for it.
Thanks for the reminiscence!

Bambi Good

Love it! and strangely on our dead-end street, we were out looking at the Flower Moon the other night and as usual, at night, there didn't seem to be a light on anywhere... Just as I was finding it weird there were no signs of life, another couple was on the other side of the street, but that is so rare, even at 8 or 9 or 10...
You have found a new universe... may you find many more... Bambi

Ann Baker

Beautiful . Thank you for a view of the night.


I love your description of your walk. These past 60+ days have definitely slowed me down, looking at so many things differently, both externally and internally, all for the good. Taking walks with people I would not have otherwise, and learning different parts of their life stories, has been a real bonus. Everyone has a great story, and this has been a wonderful time to find out about the fabric of many people.

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