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December 15, 2020


Christopher Huggins

Paul...I know how much "tech" has been tripping you up recently. And I also know how much you LOVE to dance. What a great idea to go into the square on that warm December day to be in your element and trip the light fantastic in the old stomping grounds. Here's to us all knowing what we need in the coming winter to get us through this uniquely confining time.

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

True on all counts. We need to know, now more than ever, what sustains us and get as much ot it as often as we can.

Rose Ann Negele

Hi Paul,

Thank you for sending your wonderful description of Harvard Square on Sunday, December 13, accompanied by photos and music video! As I watched the video, surprisingly, I choked up with emotion. I hadn't realized just how deeply I've been mourning the loss of live music and dance. (It was March or possibly even February when I myself last partner danced.)

I hope you are keeping healthy and continuing to find ways, however novel, of enjoying this holiday season. And may we meet on the dance floor again in the next few months!

Warm wishes,

Rose Anne

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr, aka pt at large

Rose Ann,
I get it, I was overcome with emotion, close to tears of joy in the midst of being in the moment...mourning is just the right word to describe the realization.

Susan Sullivan

Nice Paul. We went last week. Fun

Carolyn Liesy

In LA, where the Camellias are blooming early this year, we are in serious lockdown. It would be so lovely to risk going out to mingle but here it would be dangerous. We seem to have become an epicenter, local hospital at 105% capacity. So your story about dancing in the Square is so nice. So glad for you!


Love it

Nona Bock

Hey PT.

Good for you. I’m jealous. We’re in lockdown here!!!

Keep enjoying.
Much love,

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

From the photos, you see that masks are universally worn, it's the LAW and people abide.
This is the current stage of covid phase in MA

Janet Wilson (in NC)

Love it! So happy for you! Miss dancing...in living room, solo is not the same.💃 ♥️ Janet Wilson (in NC)

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

I get it, Janet, I dance solo all the time, swing, fox trot, rumba, waltz, cajun, zydeco…right around my kitchen table,
As a matter of fact, dancing zydeco and cajun in dance halls in SW Louisiana with tons of people inside taught me how to “dance on a manhole cover” when a dance floor was so sardine packed you had to edge your way onto the dance floor with your partner. The miracle was that no matter how packed the dance floor, a tiny space was enough as I’d smile myself inside the whirling mass with my partner. Everyone on the dance floor knew how to share that space. I think that dancing in such a packed floor was part of the fun.
Don’t we yearn for those days…dancing around my kitchen table is a piece of cake compared to that. If you ask me which I would prefer, you know the answer.
Big virtual safe hug!
Thanks for replying…from NC!

Susan McCulloch

Joy to you PT!

Melanie Wagner

I loved reading this, PT! I could just imagine the smile on your face behind the mask!

Paul A. Tamburello, Jr. aka pt at large

Oh yes, as though i had just entered the promised land...

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