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December 24, 2021


Susan Sullivan

Back at you Paul. And a happier New Year to all! Much love. Susan and Phil


Merry Christmas, PT! And a great big hug for you

Ann Baker


May this year’s Holiday, be filled with Peace, Joy, Happiness, Good Health…..and something to smile about each day……….


Susan McCulloch Bennett

Dear Paul- Thank you for spreading the magic of Christmas to us. The photo and your beautiful message brought it all back to me. Always preserve that seven year old!

And if you want to, please come for lunch on Boxing Day. It’s only the two of us this year though. I’ve been feeling rather sad about that but your email has reminded me of the magic. We are indeed fortunate and I am so grateful for friends like you, even if we don’t see each other much. Have a magical Christmas!
Love, Susan


Merry Christmas to you, Paul!! 🎄 🍪 ☃️ 🤶🏽 ♥️

Cindy and Bill

Happy Christmas Eve! The silver garlands were hung on the painting with care in hopes that peace and love will soon be there and everywhere, along with wishes it prospers throughout the coming year. Cindy and Bill

Bernard Ussher

Love it!

Nona Bock

Hi Sweet.
I do hope yours is a Merry Christmas.
Here’s to health and 2022 being better than what’s going on now.



Merry Christmas, Paul, from someone who absolutely still believes in Santa clause. And I make sure that I read the “yes, Virginia” piece every year.

CC Raymond

Dear Cugino Paul,

Do you ever come to the Berkshires? If so, please please phone me and we
could meet for lunch.

with love and safe hugs in xl sizes from one who has had 2 shots and 1 booster.

Cugina Cris

CC Raymond

Dear Cugino Paul,

Thank you, dear one, for your Christmas greetings. I do hope that you
are well and living defensively!!
When people ask how I am. by reply is: Better than 99% of the people and

Remember dear Paul, when you are out and about to stay at least feet away from
a Republican!!

Do you ever come to the Berkshires? If so, please please phone me and we
could meet for lunch.

with love and safe hugs in xl sizes from one who has had 2 shots and 1 booster.

Cugina Cris

Suzanne Kavet

Hope your day is Merry and Bright!!


Dear dear Paul
Your tale is magical and filled with the wonder and mystery and anticipation of the night .

I can see Santa and Feel the importance of his mission .

A big hug for you from a big fan
Love to you
You have captured the wonder of it all🌲💥 Oh Holy Night


In return I offer you a reminder (?) that at 5 p.m. tonight Eric in the Evening will be doing some of his favorite jazz arrangements of Christmas songs followed by 8, I believe, by a guy whose name I have momentarily misplaced who will play all his oddball recondite Christmas songs, none of which it is likely any of us has ever heard before.
And 'HRB will be doing what I'd guess would be some pretty special kinds of Christmas music again, starting at 5, but of the hour I'm not sure.
Wishing you a wild year, the only kind I can picture you having... Bambi


That is beautiful! Thank You for sharing that with me!

Merry Christmas!


A precious reminiscence so well expressed! Thank you, Paul, and have a peaceful and safe day tomorrow and throughout the new year.

Jeffrey P

And a very Merry Christmas to you friend.

Chris Ives

Hi Paul,

I hope Santa does indeed make his way to you tonight. I’ll be at my window looking out for him, too.

Another seven-year-old down the block,


Mishy Lesser

Beautiful, Paul. Very touching. What are the gifts you have yearned for all year long?

Tom Maguire

God bless us all

Christopher Huggins



Thank you for the reminiscence…so easy to loose track of. I trust you are well and enjoying the spirit of the holiday. All is well here. Lovely picture from the stair landing…peaceful snd festive.

Marianne and

Beautiful picture, Paul!!

Merry Christmas to you too from yr French friends now living in ....Abu Dhabi!


Marianne & Fabrice

Katie M W

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and may 2022 be calmer and more steady!


Paul O'Bryant

Hi Paul

Merry Christmas to you Mr. T, Thank you for the email. How have you been doing? I have been ok just working and hanging in there that's about it. Are you still traveling?

Take care and Happy New Year and be safe


Shared from my Facebook page. This is a repost of my 2020 Christmas message.
Many have placed their Christmas messages on here. Here is mine.
"How do you say thank you to grandparents no longer with me? How do say thank you to them for leaving all they knew to come to a country of hope and promise? How do you thank them for having that faith? They were young and of lesser means, living in their country that did not provide them opportunity. Three thousand miles away, they heard of a country that offered them a better life. Relatives were already there. At the time of their coming, they needed sponsors which were available to them; so they crossed an ocean with little, hoping they would be accepted into this promise land. They found employment. They found love. They raised a large family. They became homeowners, not for just themselves, but also for their children who shared the three decker with them. I lived with them for a while until my own parents purchased their home. I am blessed and I am lucky because these young Italian immigrants took a chance for a better life in an unknown land a century ago. I am blessed that they became Americans. And I am blessed that their children were raised as first-generation Americans, succeeding in a country of abundance, liberty, and prosperity. I am blessed I grew up in this large loving and caring family that motivated me to be the first to graduate college. My childhood life was filled with great memories as we rose into the middle class. I served my country. I had all the freedom and opportunity available to me, never once even thinking how that could not be possible. It just was not a mind set to think that way. Until now, 78 years in as I complete my life. To think that freedom and opportunity now faces the possibility of extinction in America. Not because of some external force of imposition. No, but from a conscience choice of Americans to extinguish those cherished ideals. How do you come to grips that the very government, which exist solely to protect you and those ideals, now strives against you; attempting to strip from you every aspect of your individualism? How do you process that every institution in which you placed your belief and trust, has been corrupted to preserve their own existence at the sake of yours? It is disheartening to come to grips that you have been betrayed by the very people you placed in position to protect you. I have not lived all these years to believe this will be the future. There are generations behind me that need to be protected from this malady that has infected our nation. They deserve the same experience of freedom and opportunity that I, my parents, and my grandparents experienced. We, present, need to make that happen. I pray we have the will and the courage to accept the challenge and engage in the fight. For if we lose this battle, there is no one that can save us. Our children suffer. I suffer. You suffer. And the world suffers. It has happened in the past when law and order and faith in institutions collapses, a darkness results. We cannot let that happen here. We have come too far in our historical journey to retreat."

Horace and Chantelle Trahan


Thank you so much! Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. We also are enjoying a since of normalcy today with Holiday movies, Christmas songs on the radio, cooking Christmas dinner, and family coming over. Thank you for reaching out.

So good hearing from you,


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