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July 03, 2022


Louie from Louisiana

Just lovely Paul!!


Debbie S

how sweet to see this xo


Thank you, as always, for sharing yourself and your soul... Bambi

Paul A Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

This reverie, composed in the stillness of dusk, rousted me from the relentless news cycle and into a calm appreciation for the gift that unfolded right in front of me. Thank you, Bambi

Suzanne Kavet

Well, not a Haiku… but lovely just the same!

Paul A Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

Hmmmm...good idea,it does have the feel of a haiku...might try it!

Sarah Cross Mills

Totally lovely, PT -- and great to see your name pop up.

Paul A Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

The routine of ‘porch sitting’ that I began weeks ago and as I write this am aware that the sitting part is a sly form of meditation with a layer of Zen mindfulness that like tinder and flint sparks reflection that generates composing. You never know where you’ll find joy. Looking for it is like looking for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow … I believe it’s there somewhere and that’s what counts.
So cool that seeing my name pop up gives you a reason to check it out and not delete!
Thanks again

Ann Baker

I can sit in my back yard and see similar sights…..Wonderful isn’t it ?

Paul A Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

Yes indeed…small packets of joy are there, we just need to notice them.
You have your back yard I have my porch!

Paul A Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

Porch sitting…It is becoming a ritual and a routine, a time for reflection and composure, A synergy, drawing energy from The vernal Arborscape before me, Reflecting energy back in the form of gratitude for its unspoiled splendor.

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