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November 01, 2022


Susaan Straus



We had the best time. Two chairs at the top of our stairs and about 100-125 kiddos came by. One little boy, seeing Chris and me dancing to Halloween music for kids, asked if he could dance with us. It was the best part of the night!!


Love this!
Praise the mom for her solidarity!

I have two funny costume stories.
Here is the easiest one to describe.
Age 20 ,when I dressed up as a black cat in a leotard with a looooong tail.

Hopped in a cab and dragged that darn tail all over NYC
I got out in the village and realized it had been caught in the door. Well, it was a hot battered mess. What to do?
Found a drug store and bandaged it together with yards of gauze. Slapped bandaids on my face and paws and declared myself the cat fight loser.

First Prize: A bottle of Ripple and some cat nip or similar substance .
Should have been heavy cream!


thanks.. we had a full-sized dinosaur mom on our street last night and here is a photo of me who met the kids who had gathered on the next street and then made their way up the street.. I greeted them as they started out and offered them to share their wishes with me which I granted with the help of my wand. In this photo, I'm with the cat o'lantern our daughter and her husband carved for us on Sunday.... My husband used to do truly remarkable ones! I just threw in the cat o'lantern for good measure..
I hope you're thriving, Bambi

Susan Sullivan

Loved Halloween. I think it was my son's favorite holiday. Will try to find a picture of him dressed up.

Paul A Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

Wow, Diana, the largest crowd of kids I've heard about. Your dancing was the biggest treat, so good that a kid asked to dance with you...what a treat!

Paul A Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

Bambi, you must have made a big hit waving your wand and asking kids to share their wishes! Brilliant idea!

Paul A Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

Janny, two costume stories, even at 20, you were a great improviser!

Paul A Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

Susan, my mother always helped me come up with a costume. One of my faves was as a knight, used cardboard to make a helmet, painted a piece of homosote for shield, and two pieces of wood painted to make a sword. Probably cost 50 cents!

Susan McCulloch

Perfect Paul. Love that costume!

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