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December 17, 2022



I love it, Paul, thank you so much. It tells the story of the evening so well.

The only thing is in the paragraph about Chuck and Michele, check the spellings of their last names which are Hajinian and Kolligian.

This is a wonderful photo essay - so grateful for your membership and connection and see you again soon.

Paul A.Tamburello, Jr.

Tnank you, Jason, for the compliment and the correction now updated online. Getting the details right matters. Looking forward to my next visit.

Chuck Hajinian

Hi Paul thank you so much, a few errors in the quote maybe corrected already: Consigned to the trash bin by one who didn't recognize the value. It was rescued "by" Antiques dealer ...
The shawl had note : 'this shawl worn at Araxi Kolligian’s wedding 1914'. We found out the wedding took place Dec 8 th 1914- it was returned to her grandchildren Michele and Nancy Kolligian on Dec 8th 2022. The shawl was consigned to the trash bin who did not recognize the value. It was rescued from Antiques dealer Paddy Nash. Dr Hajinian purchased this shawl and large lot from her. He then showed it all over the country as it is one of the finest knitted item he has ever seen. Finally it was time to be returned to the family."

Paul A Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

Thank you, Chuck, I updated the story and quit a story it is!

Jason Sohigian

as enjoying this post again today - got it onto my Facebook page to share w/friends. Thanks again Paul.

Let me know when you visit with your friend from Harvard. We'd love to make our galleries accessible to her students, especially now for this modern art show.

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