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April 05, 2023


Sharon Bauer

I tried to leave a comment, but it wouldn’t accept my name & email — suggestions?

Paul A Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

Thank you for replying. I sent a link to the story in the comment box under the story. Frustrating, apologies to all.

Eileen Ryan

Thank you, Paul. Nice article and photos. If you haven't made it to 15 Bay Street, check it out. Leslie Evans and her neighbors have done an amazing job advocating for trees. One free redbud sapling will be given away each Friday to those who identify the leaf shape of the non-native tree leaf. Be prepared to write a Haiku to a Norway Maple Street tree as well. Spruce Street has 6 Yard Art displays and is worth the walk.

Enjoy Yard Art and Spring!


Sarah Bansen

Wow, thanks, Eileen, for all of this info and "buzz" about Yard Art! Thanks for sharing your article, Paul!

Loving our sweet neighborhood,

Paul A Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

We were a welcoming neighborhood before the pandemic. YARDART was the perfect salve that lifted our spirits during an unprecedented period in 2020. Credit to the organizers and to Sam Falkoff for setting up the neighborhood list serve that has kept us connected for years.

Barbara Ruskin

Thank you Paul for a wonderful blog; and Eileen for the suggestions of where to head in this beautiful weather. Stop by my house (I’m on my way to laminate the sign that goes with the hot air balloons—Up, Up, & Away: Watertown Human Rights Commission --which is in Council Committee). I had hoped to get them higher into a tree, but this will have to do now. Thanks Dan for volunteering to help. Enjoy.
There is a YardArt launch party at The Mosesian Arts Center tonight, Wednesday, 5:30-7:30 with snacks, more photos, and door prizes. All are welcome to meet YardArtists and get ideas for next year, or to put up for the last weeks in April.
Stay well,

Sharon Bauer

We do have a great neighborhood, and your enthusiasm for our creative efforts takes it to a new level. Thank you, Paul!

Paul A Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

Thank you, Sharon
In a world in which bad news swamps good news, Watertown's Yard Art initiative is refreshing and reinvigorating. A tour around our neighborhood to witness it confirmed it.

Paul A Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

Thank you, Barbara, sorry that I missed your aptly titled installation and the Arts Center event

Paul A Tamburello, Jr aka pt at large

Thank you, Sharon.
In a world in which bad news swamps good news, Watertown's Yard Art initiative is refreshing, reinvigorating and a boost to our collective mental health. A tour around our neighborhood to witness YARD ART confirms it.
Many thanks for your comment.

Sharon Bauer

No one anywhere has a more neighborly neighborhood than ours!

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